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Members of the 417 Team

Dave McAvoy, Environmental Planner

Louis Tay, Senior Project Engineer

Nicolas Theodor, Senior Structural Design Engineer

Tony Sanguiliano, Foundations Engineer

Chris Kardassis, Senior Designer

Barry McQuay, Senior Designer

Phil Pawliuk, Area Engineer

Gordon Bell, Supervisor, Environmental Unit

Ken Polson, Area Construction Maintenance Engineer

Felipe Mendoza, Contract Control Officer

Paul Ireland, Quality Assurance Officer

Frank Pinder, Head, Quality Assurance.

The twin bridges completed in May 2002 (see Road Talk, August 2002), stand as a testament to the unsurpassed skill and ingenuity of the 417 team. Through cooperation, thorough analysis and original design concepts, the team was able to erect a structure that serves as a key transportation link to Ontario drivers while preserving and enhancing the natural environment. The Mississippi River project exemplifies MTO's dedication to environmental sustainability and transportation innovation. Congratulations to the 417 team for this tremendous accomplishment!









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